Norris in NOT Invincible

Do you LOVE Godzilla? Do you love RETRO GAMING? How about CHUCK NORRIS? How do you feel about that guy?

If these things are your bag then this is the shirt for you!
However, I really need you to do us a solid and got vote for it....I came up with the idea and got my awesome mate Derrin (Mekazoo) to do it up for me. If we get this through I will def give a heap away using the $500 voucher to our fans through
Please do Smash Tokyo a favour and go vote at the link below and send the link out to your friends on facebook and email! Woo!


Bryan Wilkinson sent out his idea for an ATOMIC BEARTANK design.

He made the feet into treads to emphasize the "tank" part but also kept them mirroring the gear shape from the ears intentionally. The overall influences are Go Nagai's 70's robots (Boss Borot, Getter-Robo) with some Microman/Micronauts and some early 80's mechs (Gundam's Z'gok, Zaku, Gun Cannon, Mospeada/Robotech's Invid). He went for a stockier, more bear-like build in contrast to the lithe form already found in Seismic Ace.

Although we may have found a new way of doing the ACE we love Bryan's AWESOME design and encourage you to check out his site.

You can catch more of Bryan's awesome gear over at

He also has a blog here:

It's funny, people talk to me all the time, send me things and half the time I have no idea who I'm talking to until much later on....I need to pay more attention to the toy community which is often hard when I'm in Australia and I know there is this "toy family/clique" thing going on in the U.S. which is why all the AU designers have all moved to the U.S.....not happening for me.
You can see from looking at Bryan's site that he's a top desgner who's probably worked on some toys you have in your house right now. I'm humbled that he had a go at working on the BEARTANK. I hope I get a chance to work with him in the future.

Also...INVADER ZIM...HOLY SHIT Bryan...I love that series and I think I own all the Micronaughts you worked on! Wow.


So obviously I'm an advocate for resin toys and things always get heated on forums when the old argument comes up that RESIN IS THE DEVIL.
Sometimes I argue both sides...
Today I was doing the "I wouldn't pay THAT much for a resin toy that size because that's just crazy." Then I launched into my "Resin is good" speech which looks like this:

"**if this was vinyl I would definitely buy it**....I hear that all the time about the ACE and I follow it up with "If it's a good design why does it matter what it's made of?" The tired old excuse of "I might drop it." is sad impaired are you that you drop every toy you handle?
I haven't dropped a toy since I was 3. How many toys have you dropped lately?
Clear resin is a total shit to break.
My vinyl MEDUSA came snapped IN BOX. Vinyl does break! I bought a set of those Oban Star Racer girl figures and 3 of their arms fell off as they emerged from the box! All vinyl and brand new.
The paint rubs off vinyl if you accidently rub two vinyl toys of the same type together...not even vigorously. Place Mighty muggs, big dunnys, Trexies etc on a shelf touching and then jostle the shelf and each one will paint rub onto the one next to it and you'll think they have tiny crayon marks all over them. Resin hate is just a weird trend that someone started and it caught on and became toy industry lore. Now, like any other unspoken rule that people adhere to for no good reason one day resin will become super cool again for a short denim on denim.

What people don't realise is EVERYONE is doing resin...Paul Kaiju, Bwana Spoons, Sucklord....these guys are FUCKING AWESOME big resin sellers!

The people we'll hate on who are actually buying our toys are all trying to make toys using resin. WE make toys out of resin. Always complaining about resin toys and then making toys out of resin sorta makes us look like dicks...
Thousands of people buy Maquettes and mini statues everyday and then say "Resin, fuck that!" while surrounding themselves in statues made of the stuff.
Same thing people.
My art toy is the same as your Yoda/Optimus Prime Statue statue....except when you drop it he doesn't explode.
Look, you are your own person. Don't listen to me, or them.
If you like it, buy it. Who cares what people you don't know think...they don't live in your house.

World's laziest blogger

OK...I'm the worlds laziest.... know the rest.
Nothing much happening.
It's the waiting game.
Have a big contract to sign...probably the most important thing of my toy-game life but the heavy hitter I'm working with who I'm co-signing with is away right now.
Waiting....waiting......I literally have no fingernails left.
Anyone currently trying to crack the toy scene knows EXACTLY where I am right now. It's HELL.

However, I do have this. Whenever there's a big con I try to have a lot of freebies to give away.
I have A LOT of free shit for DESIGNER CON.
Apparently when I sent all my stuff to APEX I sent it in THE WORST BOX EVER and customs/ Australia Post and every other post office in the world kicked the living bejusus out of it. Decapitated the Seismic Sally and The Son of Ace I sent.
Hopefully they'll be fully repaired by the big day...they should be all systems repairs online.


John Spanky Stokes will be giving out three of these during the day made by awesome customiser MONSTERFORGE and myself using Garcia's awesome Jumping Brains. Probably one of the best new mini vinyls for years (dare I say iconic?).

I must admit they were mainly done by MONSTERFORGE and he's done an amazing job (I do the plastic heads and organise the lego bodies off the net.)
There are so many hidden talents on the net that I think get passed over and I really like to give them a chance to get their gear out there when I can...if I can. Not that Monsterforge needs any help from me....

MONSTERFORGE can often be found on the TOY BREAK forums and will probably make you one of these if you ask him nicely and give him US$55.
Believe's worth it.

And make sure you ask John Stokes for one of these....there are at least 30 of these up for grabs. Little SEISMIC KART guys...apparently they're not bad.


I've been a big fan of TOY2R for many years now. I work with disabled kids and we make custom 8" Qees...they're not good ones but we do them. I also collect 8" Qees and I love everything TOY2R does..I study the designs, pore over their it.

So you can imagine my absolute delight when this happened:

Of course you'd be surprised that most of the world, including my friends have never heard of MATTYBOOMBATTY...maybe this might help change that. There's a lot of stories associated with this particular Qee design but they'll have to wait until it comes out.

Big thanks to TOY2R for this amazing opportunity. This is something I have wanted for a VERY long time with the very company I admire the most. I can only hope I get more opportunities to work with you again in the future.



This link take you to an excellent store that sell the SEISMIC ACE for only $49.95 and is SMASH TOKYO TOYS favorite store to buy stuff and we live in Australia! Click to travel directly there. Don't know if you really want one? Watch will convince you since John Stokes from is largely regarded as 'the shit' when it comes to the top names in vinyl toy sites on the net in the world today:

Soon to be available through DKE toys for retailers. 

Especially for Krakit - Art and designs to help win free stuff over on the forums. Just kidding Krakit!

Hokay, Our artist from the beginning is a top Canadian talent called Kris Smith (check his shit out and friend him on facebook!) who has a pretty unique animated style that caught my eye over at Deviant Art.
One of the first things he ever did for us was a pic of a drill headed robot that was adapted recently into RAYOLA for Color Ink Book with awesome UK artist Kim Roberts (below)

Kris originally did this design for GALBOT TOYS and when they got arsed I snapped it up because I love it. I bought it, I OWN it, it's called Atomic Ms Shinda and you should watch out for it because I REALLY like it and there's another big artist who also likes it a lot and it's come a long way since this hand drawn sketch from 2009.

Some of our original head designs....recognise any of those? Seismic Aces proto head was chosen from these. Just think he could have been Dragon Master head.

This is what Seismic Ace was going to look know what, I have this exact toy and it's really cool like this. If I get the chance in the future I will release this in vinyl in 5" scale because it is smoother and is easier to customise. I wish now we had've stuck with this or the Centurion below.
The "Centurion" is Seismic Ace's brother and was essentially an alternative head for the Bohrer K16 (his original name). THIS is my FAVORITE design out of all our toys. I love Jumbo Machinders and I asked Kris to give me a head that was a cross between Shogun Dragun and Joe Pi from Top Ten and this is what we got. I have a plastic 5" for this and you'd think it was factory fucking rocks. I'd love for another company to approach me on this because I'm working on some other projects but ah...pipe dreams.

Our final design head for Chainsaw Simian. Not done as a design template...yet.

(above) Chainsaw Simian's original head looked too much like Optimus Primal so we replaced it with the other head above this one and that big frikkin' chainsaw. You can see all the bodies we have waiting to go below.

Here you can see that the Beartank doesn't have his chest cannon and doesn't really look like our 3d models...he sure as hell isn't going to look like the vinyl toy....oh shit...did I type that?

Stuff we're working on

I made these with a group of severely impaired children because I was kinda tired of watching them doing boring art so we've started doing molding/casting/painting and we made these hand-over-hand which was awesome and these were actually the crappy ones. The kids made some awesome clear lollypop ones that were genius. These were freebies for at SDCC. The kids and I have also done a lot of 8" Qee Customs. Like me they love them some TOY2R....also like me they're crappy at customs! Our stuff are up on the TOY2RUSA website. We like dots and spraypaint.

(Below) are the first look at our Designer Con 2010 giveaways....Seismic Ace 3" scale heads that come blindbagged with lego bodies. You won't know what you will get.

(Below) is a badly blurry pictured first look at the SEISMIC SALLY 12" custom doll minus most of her accessories. She actually has a pink head and each type of Sally will come with weapons and accessories that match her head colour. I don't know how she will be accepted by collectors but I'm liking her freakishness because she has big boobs and nuts accessories like the design chair and Seismic Ace "Steal this shit" blueprint.

(below) Hmmmm....that's just disgusting.

(below) ART PRINTS - SEISMIC SMASH by Kris Smith. This was a giveaway over on the Toy Break forums. I have more of these to give away over there in the future.

This is not happening!

So we announced earlier this year that this was happenining in 2011 with Jon Paul Kaiser. Obviously, both Jon and i were very keen on the 99 Red Ace design since we thought it was something new and different for the toy scene.

Then some dick said we'd ripped this off.
Obviously, JPK doesn't need to rip Banksy off and the design is in fact a coincidence. The 99 RED is actually related to the song 99 RED LUFT BALLOONS and is suppossed to represent the little girl who started world war 3 but somehow a shitload of people have decided that it's a direct rip off of Banksy's work which just amazes me. So we will be working on another project together instead. Jon and I are very happy to work together on certain designs that can/may help each other in the future and would in no way want to copy another artists work and any similarities were entirely hysterical.

Seismic Ace - Still Out

Seismic Ace has now been available at Tenacious Toys ( and Neon Monster ( since June and has been selling well.
Seismic Ace is a 9 inch "metal" robot made to be DIY in a wacky gold/silver shade. While made of resin he is very solid and has been quite popular with resin collectors.
Available through Apex Trading Company Seismic Ace is very limited to 450 pieces.
Feel free to join us on facebook (smashtokyotoys) for all of our crazy toy designs and upcoming projects with other companies.

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