Especially for Krakit - Art and designs to help win free stuff over on the forums. Just kidding Krakit!

Hokay, Our artist from the beginning is a top Canadian talent called Kris Smith (check his shit out and friend him on facebook!) who has a pretty unique animated style that caught my eye over at Deviant Art.
One of the first things he ever did for us was a pic of a drill headed robot that was adapted recently into RAYOLA for Color Ink Book with awesome UK artist Kim Roberts (below)

Kris originally did this design for GALBOT TOYS and when they got arsed I snapped it up because I love it. I bought it, I OWN it, it's called Atomic Ms Shinda and you should watch out for it because I REALLY like it and there's another big artist who also likes it a lot and it's come a long way since this hand drawn sketch from 2009.

Some of our original head designs....recognise any of those? Seismic Aces proto head was chosen from these. Just think he could have been Dragon Master head.

This is what Seismic Ace was going to look know what, I have this exact toy and it's really cool like this. If I get the chance in the future I will release this in vinyl in 5" scale because it is smoother and is easier to customise. I wish now we had've stuck with this or the Centurion below.
The "Centurion" is Seismic Ace's brother and was essentially an alternative head for the Bohrer K16 (his original name). THIS is my FAVORITE design out of all our toys. I love Jumbo Machinders and I asked Kris to give me a head that was a cross between Shogun Dragun and Joe Pi from Top Ten and this is what we got. I have a plastic 5" for this and you'd think it was factory fucking rocks. I'd love for another company to approach me on this because I'm working on some other projects but ah...pipe dreams.

Our final design head for Chainsaw Simian. Not done as a design template...yet.

(above) Chainsaw Simian's original head looked too much like Optimus Primal so we replaced it with the other head above this one and that big frikkin' chainsaw. You can see all the bodies we have waiting to go below.

Here you can see that the Beartank doesn't have his chest cannon and doesn't really look like our 3d models...he sure as hell isn't going to look like the vinyl toy....oh shit...did I type that?

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