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I made these with a group of severely impaired children because I was kinda tired of watching them doing boring art so we've started doing molding/casting/painting and we made these hand-over-hand which was awesome and these were actually the crappy ones. The kids made some awesome clear lollypop ones that were genius. These were freebies for at SDCC. The kids and I have also done a lot of 8" Qee Customs. Like me they love them some TOY2R....also like me they're crappy at customs! Our stuff are up on the TOY2RUSA website. We like dots and spraypaint.

(Below) are the first look at our Designer Con 2010 giveaways....Seismic Ace 3" scale heads that come blindbagged with lego bodies. You won't know what you will get.

(Below) is a badly blurry pictured first look at the SEISMIC SALLY 12" custom doll minus most of her accessories. She actually has a pink head and each type of Sally will come with weapons and accessories that match her head colour. I don't know how she will be accepted by collectors but I'm liking her freakishness because she has big boobs and nuts accessories like the design chair and Seismic Ace "Steal this shit" blueprint.

(below) Hmmmm....that's just disgusting.

(below) ART PRINTS - SEISMIC SMASH by Kris Smith. This was a giveaway over on the Toy Break forums. I have more of these to give away over there in the future.

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