This is not happening!

So we announced earlier this year that this was happenining in 2011 with Jon Paul Kaiser. Obviously, both Jon and i were very keen on the 99 Red Ace design since we thought it was something new and different for the toy scene.

Then some dick said we'd ripped this off.
Obviously, JPK doesn't need to rip Banksy off and the design is in fact a coincidence. The 99 RED is actually related to the song 99 RED LUFT BALLOONS and is suppossed to represent the little girl who started world war 3 but somehow a shitload of people have decided that it's a direct rip off of Banksy's work which just amazes me. So we will be working on another project together instead. Jon and I are very happy to work together on certain designs that can/may help each other in the future and would in no way want to copy another artists work and any similarities were entirely hysterical.

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