John Spanky Stokes will be giving out three of these during the day made by awesome customiser MONSTERFORGE and myself using Garcia's awesome Jumping Brains. Probably one of the best new mini vinyls for years (dare I say iconic?).

I must admit they were mainly done by MONSTERFORGE and he's done an amazing job (I do the plastic heads and organise the lego bodies off the net.)
There are so many hidden talents on the net that I think get passed over and I really like to give them a chance to get their gear out there when I can...if I can. Not that Monsterforge needs any help from me....

MONSTERFORGE can often be found on the TOY BREAK forums and will probably make you one of these if you ask him nicely and give him US$55.
Believe's worth it.

And make sure you ask John Stokes for one of these....there are at least 30 of these up for grabs. Little SEISMIC KART guys...apparently they're not bad.


I've been a big fan of TOY2R for many years now. I work with disabled kids and we make custom 8" Qees...they're not good ones but we do them. I also collect 8" Qees and I love everything TOY2R does..I study the designs, pore over their it.

So you can imagine my absolute delight when this happened:

Of course you'd be surprised that most of the world, including my friends have never heard of MATTYBOOMBATTY...maybe this might help change that. There's a lot of stories associated with this particular Qee design but they'll have to wait until it comes out.

Big thanks to TOY2R for this amazing opportunity. This is something I have wanted for a VERY long time with the very company I admire the most. I can only hope I get more opportunities to work with you again in the future.


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