I've been a big fan of TOY2R for many years now. I work with disabled kids and we make custom 8" Qees...they're not good ones but we do them. I also collect 8" Qees and I love everything TOY2R does..I study the designs, pore over their sites...love it.

So you can imagine my absolute delight when this happened:

Of course you'd be surprised that most of the world, including my friends have never heard of MATTYBOOMBATTY...maybe this might help change that. There's a lot of stories associated with this particular Qee design but they'll have to wait until it comes out.

Big thanks to TOY2R for this amazing opportunity. This is something I have wanted for a VERY long time with the very company I admire the most. I can only hope I get more opportunities to work with you again in the future.


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