Bryan Wilkinson sent out his idea for an ATOMIC BEARTANK design.

He made the feet into treads to emphasize the "tank" part but also kept them mirroring the gear shape from the ears intentionally. The overall influences are Go Nagai's 70's robots (Boss Borot, Getter-Robo) with some Microman/Micronauts and some early 80's mechs (Gundam's Z'gok, Zaku, Gun Cannon, Mospeada/Robotech's Invid). He went for a stockier, more bear-like build in contrast to the lithe form already found in Seismic Ace.

Although we may have found a new way of doing the ACE we love Bryan's AWESOME design and encourage you to check out his site.

You can catch more of Bryan's awesome gear over at

He also has a blog here:

It's funny, people talk to me all the time, send me things and half the time I have no idea who I'm talking to until much later on....I need to pay more attention to the toy community which is often hard when I'm in Australia and I know there is this "toy family/clique" thing going on in the U.S. which is why all the AU designers have all moved to the U.S.....not happening for me.
You can see from looking at Bryan's site that he's a top desgner who's probably worked on some toys you have in your house right now. I'm humbled that he had a go at working on the BEARTANK. I hope I get a chance to work with him in the future.

Also...INVADER ZIM...HOLY SHIT Bryan...I love that series and I think I own all the Micronaughts you worked on! Wow.


So obviously I'm an advocate for resin toys and things always get heated on forums when the old argument comes up that RESIN IS THE DEVIL.
Sometimes I argue both sides...
Today I was doing the "I wouldn't pay THAT much for a resin toy that size because that's just crazy." Then I launched into my "Resin is good" speech which looks like this:

"**if this was vinyl I would definitely buy it**....I hear that all the time about the ACE and I follow it up with "If it's a good design why does it matter what it's made of?" The tired old excuse of "I might drop it." is sad impaired are you that you drop every toy you handle?
I haven't dropped a toy since I was 3. How many toys have you dropped lately?
Clear resin is a total shit to break.
My vinyl MEDUSA came snapped IN BOX. Vinyl does break! I bought a set of those Oban Star Racer girl figures and 3 of their arms fell off as they emerged from the box! All vinyl and brand new.
The paint rubs off vinyl if you accidently rub two vinyl toys of the same type together...not even vigorously. Place Mighty muggs, big dunnys, Trexies etc on a shelf touching and then jostle the shelf and each one will paint rub onto the one next to it and you'll think they have tiny crayon marks all over them. Resin hate is just a weird trend that someone started and it caught on and became toy industry lore. Now, like any other unspoken rule that people adhere to for no good reason one day resin will become super cool again for a short denim on denim.

What people don't realise is EVERYONE is doing resin...Paul Kaiju, Bwana Spoons, Sucklord....these guys are FUCKING AWESOME big resin sellers!

The people we'll hate on who are actually buying our toys are all trying to make toys using resin. WE make toys out of resin. Always complaining about resin toys and then making toys out of resin sorta makes us look like dicks...
Thousands of people buy Maquettes and mini statues everyday and then say "Resin, fuck that!" while surrounding themselves in statues made of the stuff.
Same thing people.
My art toy is the same as your Yoda/Optimus Prime Statue statue....except when you drop it he doesn't explode.
Look, you are your own person. Don't listen to me, or them.
If you like it, buy it. Who cares what people you don't know think...they don't live in your house.

World's laziest blogger

OK...I'm the worlds laziest.... know the rest.
Nothing much happening.
It's the waiting game.
Have a big contract to sign...probably the most important thing of my toy-game life but the heavy hitter I'm working with who I'm co-signing with is away right now.
Waiting....waiting......I literally have no fingernails left.
Anyone currently trying to crack the toy scene knows EXACTLY where I am right now. It's HELL.

However, I do have this. Whenever there's a big con I try to have a lot of freebies to give away.
I have A LOT of free shit for DESIGNER CON.
Apparently when I sent all my stuff to APEX I sent it in THE WORST BOX EVER and customs/ Australia Post and every other post office in the world kicked the living bejusus out of it. Decapitated the Seismic Sally and The Son of Ace I sent.
Hopefully they'll be fully repaired by the big day...they should be all systems repairs online.

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