Bryan Wilkinson sent out his idea for an ATOMIC BEARTANK design.

He made the feet into treads to emphasize the "tank" part but also kept them mirroring the gear shape from the ears intentionally. The overall influences are Go Nagai's 70's robots (Boss Borot, Getter-Robo) with some Microman/Micronauts and some early 80's mechs (Gundam's Z'gok, Zaku, Gun Cannon, Mospeada/Robotech's Invid). He went for a stockier, more bear-like build in contrast to the lithe form already found in Seismic Ace.

Although we may have found a new way of doing the ACE we love Bryan's AWESOME design and encourage you to check out his site.

You can catch more of Bryan's awesome gear over at

He also has a blog here:

It's funny, people talk to me all the time, send me things and half the time I have no idea who I'm talking to until much later on....I need to pay more attention to the toy community which is often hard when I'm in Australia and I know there is this "toy family/clique" thing going on in the U.S. which is why all the AU designers have all moved to the U.S.....not happening for me.
You can see from looking at Bryan's site that he's a top desgner who's probably worked on some toys you have in your house right now. I'm humbled that he had a go at working on the BEARTANK. I hope I get a chance to work with him in the future.

Also...INVADER ZIM...HOLY SHIT Bryan...I love that series and I think I own all the Micronaughts you worked on! Wow.

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