World's laziest blogger

OK...I'm the worlds laziest.... know the rest.
Nothing much happening.
It's the waiting game.
Have a big contract to sign...probably the most important thing of my toy-game life but the heavy hitter I'm working with who I'm co-signing with is away right now.
Waiting....waiting......I literally have no fingernails left.
Anyone currently trying to crack the toy scene knows EXACTLY where I am right now. It's HELL.

However, I do have this. Whenever there's a big con I try to have a lot of freebies to give away.
I have A LOT of free shit for DESIGNER CON.
Apparently when I sent all my stuff to APEX I sent it in THE WORST BOX EVER and customs/ Australia Post and every other post office in the world kicked the living bejusus out of it. Decapitated the Seismic Sally and The Son of Ace I sent.
Hopefully they'll be fully repaired by the big day...they should be all systems repairs online.

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