Factory Shots

It occured to me these shots aren't up anywhere on this blog...so here they are, the SEISMIC ACE factory shots.

So, this is how the Ace looks as a finished product and in the end, thanks to the Aussie govt giving me 7k for nothing it was free to make so the troubles below aren't really that much of a concern. I've learned what NOT to do and it's all been very valuable.

So, this is the picture they sent me to approve the color for the Ace....strangely enough, after I said "Yes" they went ahead and painted it fucking gold-silver and not copper/bronze like it clearly is here.

One of my favorite pictures

Check out the toy in the foreground...if Ace is nearly ten inch, it must be HUGE. Also, I paid for Ace to be rotocasted, you can see in this photo it clearly wasn't even if you hadn't held one in your hand before.

Getting ready for magnets to be inserted....just chucked on a bench.

I love these bright silver ones in these pics.

Aces final color is "Weird golden shit" which is not the color we sent them from the swatch.

The wax sculpt

Notice he doesn't have any eye holes....the finished product also doesn't have a spherical head which REALLY sucks. In the turnaround he has a perfectly round neck which is something the finished product doesn't have and something we couldn't pick up in photos before production was given the go-ahead. Oh well, I know now he should've been done in Japanese vinyl as a sofubi style toy.

Beartank Buddy

My wife had this made for me for Xmas....initially we were going to get his gear ears sewed on but now we love his big, stupid dome head.
He looks like a real robot now....just plushy and boofy.

Plush Beartank-No Ears, Big Dome Head. All Cool.


So, we ordered a truckload of xmas cards at the printers who guaranteed they would be here well before xmas giving customers time to mail them all out in time for xmas.
They arrived at 5pm on Christmas Eve.
Ironically, after spending a week in hospital, having none of our presents turn up from overseas on time for xmas, cooking implosions, missing toys, sick kids and numerous other disasters........
I had chosen the appropriate christmas message.


You have NO IDEA how much I love this.
I have been trying to get the Centurion 'out there' in print media, 3d formats...you name it since my baby died five years ago. The idea for him came about around this terrible time so he's like my family's pet project. We recently lost two golden opportunites to have the Centurion made due to other people's interference so finally seeing the Centurion released into the public looking as good as this is a bit of a dream come true.

This rather sterling digital painting was done by brilliant artist Robert Kim who's outstanding robot art can be found here http://roboto-kun.deviantart.com/

Seriously, spread this around. Send it to everyone you know GET MY  ROBOT NOTICED.

Australia ALSO has giant comic conventions

So in America it is fairly well known that conventions like SDCC, New York ComicCon and DragonCon are established as pretty much (some of) the BIGGEST cons in the world (outside of Asia) for cosplay nuts to descend upon.

Let me introduce you to SUPANOVA pop culture festival which is held all over Australia and can pull 30 000 people through it's door in the first hour in it's smallest city. It is held in Brisbane (huge), Melbourne, (Huge), Sydney (MEGA) and Perth (well, it's Perth.)
It's FU**ING NUTS for geeks, freaks, gronks and nerds and if you're into anime, toys, cartoons and tv celebs then this is the place to go.

Hot-cha! Make sure you take a professional camera-guy who is tripping balls like I did.

When it comes to anime/superhero/tv fans in costume...well....if you weren't in costume, you were the minority. I would say 8-in-10 were in costume and most people went to a lot of effort.....although I prefer the screwballs who don't and the people who just don't give a fu** myself. People in $3000 iron man costumes aren't as impressive as guys in a cardboard box with a bucket on their head with "Irun Mun" written in crayon on the chest. (My opinion only)

Metal Iron-Man while good for pulling chicks wasn't as cool as Bucket-on-his-head-Iron-Man (who'd had a few buckets methinks.)

My camera-guy took HUNDREDS OF PHOTOS and we had to put some in the bin because he took some booby shots and some shots of the sky...and the lens cap and what he thought were "giant devil ants" but was really his shoes. So I took what was left and put them into a slide show to show off what Australian cosplay looks like....keep in mind it's shit hot here so some of these people need medals.

Chinese Batman, bald, skinny Superman and big Ms Marvel were favourites for me.

I love this guy!

My cameraman loves these girls.

BEST-COSTUME-EVER Great Sage Equal of Heaven!

We likey.

Remember..hot here in Oz. Also, how does April look so plastic? It was amazing. Also, people immediately assume people in these costumes are blokes.

This guy endured abuse by bubbleheaded teeneage girls for an hour in line for nothing and then got called a loser by some other imbecelic 20+ not in costume and left the line after losing his shit before he killed that kid and PUNCHED HIS FACE! Seriously, who goes to a con where EVERYONE is in costume and heckles everyone around them? BIG UPS TO THIS GUY!

Poor, angry, face punching bastard. Packa packa packa packa.


Spankystokes Free Shit from Smash Tokyo

So every Designercon we give away free stuff through Spankystokes because John is our biggest U.S. supporter and is always doing stuff for us and has for nearly two years now.
So we had a number of spankystokes.com decks made up and our usual line-up of Seismic Ace and Centurion decks to give out.

Looks like they went down a treat. I wasn't sure about the red Centurion deck since I just throw shit together and send it off to the printers but I'd be happy if I was this guy since it turned out pretty good and it's not just hand drawn shit but UV-laser printed/etched, high-quality maple.

Wish I was there dang it, Spanky has THE BEST giveaways each year. Those boards are hot.

"I'm going to hang this shit on my wall!"

Suckpax Series 3- Featuring Mattyboombatty

So apparently it's really difficult to get into card series (if you hav 0 talent) and good luck being one of the cool kids if you're not in one.
So, I straight up asked Sucklord if he'd give me a shot because no other bludger would and he said yes, so good news for me!
Like he said "The Sucklord does not trifle."
Go buy this, give Sucklord your money.

Funny enough I came through with heaps of time to spare with only one or two small hitches.
30 cards later here we are. My 2 y.o. spilt some water on three of them literally the day I was mailing them including my favourite FREE BEER card so that was BAD MOJO!

These are actually the 'good' ones. I love the space Greedos and the Wanker Trooper
 I drew some of these on buses, trains, at work, at parties, with textas, crayons, paint pens, charcoal, cigarette butts, lipstick.....works of art they are not, they are, however, the first chance anyone's given me in 15 years to actually put pen to paper and "art". A lot of them are TERRIBLE but I think that was the point.
* Also if you get one of my **good** art cards I'll buy it off you for ten dollars.

Anyhow, I forgot to even take a pic of what I did aside from this mess which probably won't even make much sense but the eyeball ones move around like a child's pop-up book when you pull some slides on the back and I can't even BEGIN to describe what you do with the booby cards:

The nudey card has pop-out nipples and the eyeballs move on the 'eye' ones. Also, the two-part SPOOKY BOOTY card doesn't have a top part...oops.

I saw this on toysrevil.com which was cool because the usual suspects did amazing bloody cards but at least mine weren't the worst and I can sleep at night knowing that I deliberately didn't try because I thought I wasn't supposed to! Ha! Had I have known I would have spent considerably more time with water paints and not some textas and nikkos. 
and even more on Sucklord over on John Stokes fucking AWESOME blog here which may not have anything to do with the cards but fuck it. Watch it anyway, what else are you doing?

Also, if you watch this you can see my F*ING AWESOME Seismic Ace toy a few times in Sucklord's apartment. Sucklord has done well by me...get ready for Aussie rum at Xmas Sucklord!

Beartank review Spankystokes.com

So...just in case you missed it, here is John Stokes reviewing the Beartank.
The Seismic Ace reference he refers to is the large drill that runs down the far left panel of the box.

Also, things that are referenced on the box include the "Angel Wings Jet Propulsion" which was actually written on the original toy but was too small to be printed so we had to leave it off but that was after the box art was approved.
The Japanese writing says Kuma Tank (I think) although it could have said "Die Yak Face!" and I would have laughed since I had no idea what it said when we submitted it and I literally asked a Japanese speaking friend today what it says and she said "What would you have done if it DIDN'T say that?"

Some art to fill in time

Made these HUGE prints off the art for some skateboards. The guy reckons the Skyline one will be "....as big as a minibus man."
I said "In one piece, I seriously doubt that dude!" So we'll see. If it is as big as a van then I'm screwed since it's just me and my wife running the show here and hanging that thing in the lounge room will be **INTERESTING** to say the least.

 I love this because it looks animated and yet it's just the Centurion template on a 2-min line drawing....yet you could just see Sybionic Titan, Mazinger or Godzilla come running up and smash him (If wishes were horses.)

This is the 2nd version. Centurion isn't actually red either, he has no existing color scheme.
The NY one was just something stupid and easy...giant robot towering over the Statue of Liberty in Silhouette...another template in front of a line drawing. Quick and easy and looks bloody cool mounted on a skateboard so we'll see how it looks in A1. This one was used to promote my art cards in the new Series 3 Suckpax but there is another, white background, normal one without the Sucklord text.

The actual skatedeck was NOT successful as the Statue was all pixelated. That has been fixed now and is a good reminder to me that I need more work as a digital artist.


Have you seen this awesome resin shit! I made the head on that thing dude! It's tiny.
Anyway these are put out by Jon Malmstead at Rampage Toys and are cool as all get out.
I totally stole this image from the most awesome University of M.U.S.C.L.E and a full write up can be found here on their fine page.
Later on ten more rubbery versions were made by Halfbad Toys and THEN sold through Rampage Toys. I bet those ones were cooler than The Fonz. They had different barrel bodies. Jon Malmstead sells those so hit him up for those here http://rampage-toys.blogspot.com/.
Don't forget to order his new Ugly Unicorn kaiju before it sells out either!

New idea for next year

So, originally called "Stupid Ninja" and sporting a dead ninja on his back I really was interested in doing this in Japan next year in unpainted vinyl as a mini.

I've been carrying around a yellow unpainted S7 Mini Mummy Gator for awhile looking at the size and feel of the vinyl. This toy would be bigger in WxB obviously and would have similar skin as a Anraku GOGA so I like to think it'd make a kick-arse original toy.

The name is not permanent and was put there at the last minute, right now it's not quite a dragon or a lizard so research is needed for a more traditional Kaiju name that doesn't encroach on any other companies.

If it doesn't pan out we also have an offer from a company to do our upright beartank as a "real monsters" series type of sofubi but I would want to rework the sculpt so as not to disappoint fans of the genre.
There's also been some talk with Velocitron about doing the Centurion as a larger, resculpted GoNagai/Bullmark-ish looking toy. Maybe redo SEISMIC ACE the way he should have been done originally.

20/10/20011* Since this post and continued talks with Velocitron We've pretty much decided to do the Centurion and a female pilot tentatively titled "Jumbo V Pilot". Currently looking for an artist to do the turnarounds for the pilot. This turnaround for sale if anyone want it.

More Beartank stuff

We must've done four colorways before settling on the grey. The grey is actually based on the "War Machine" Iron Man mainly because none of our robot designs except for Ms Shinda have had a color scheme so far, they're all just "silver". Grey/silver is the only thing that seems to fit for my robot ideas. Even my final Ms Shinda concept is B/W.

While I like this I can never use it because I messed up the levels on the writing and without Illustrator can't fix it.

The only time you'll see the Beartank with the first five released Qees in print media outside of SDCC. It was not officially one of this starting line up nor am I one of TOY2Rs "artist series'" artists.

Here is what the concept was and what the finished product is. Don't let anyone say TOY2R can't get it right. It is flawless, I would say the finished product is better than the original design. We had to change one tiny thing which was remove some writing on the back of the jetpack which was too small to be printed.

We also do Skateboards...here.

Buy these here. They are fucking AWESOME for hanging on the wall and skating on the street.


So here is the artwork for the Beartank. We really struggled for a long time with the color, obviously its very yellow but thats what we decided on and it actually turned out really amazing.

Distributed through DKE toys starting Monday.
It is pretty cool.

Seismic Centurion SOLD OUT like a crazy mofo.

So...seems these things are kind of cool. I thought the clear glitter would be reeeaaalllll whacky myself but they do have that whole Star Trek transporter effect going on. Obviously, because they are mine, I love them.

The colors released were COSMIC ICE, RADIANT RED, GALACTIC GREEN and HAVEN BLUE at 5" scale. The boys at HALFBAD TOYS did an amazing job.

They'll get to work ASAP on the solid colors so keep an eye out on spankystokes.com for that release. We are also working on our next BFR robot THE BEARTANK based on the upright version we have had up on the net before. As well as some new weapon arms and an incridble new generic body set with SEISMIC ACES head!!!

I'd better get my own set hm?


Oh my god...did you NOT know? I DID put up a picture of a bear AND a tank!!!!


So two years back we started a project that never went anywhere..The BIG F*KN ROBOTS project. Essentially it was to create a series of interchangeable robot bodies where the heads, arms and mybe backpacks/rocketpacks could be swapped around. The aim was that they would look like mini 70s Shogun Warriors and have all the goofy attachments that came with those.

Obviously, I thought I was on to something....I had an entire workshop set up...I had the prototypes ready for the basic body with a basic drill head and a "Centurion" head done and had a stupid name and back-story ready then KRACK-A-BOOOM...ten billion tonnes of water shit down though my roof and destroyed all my resin, my god-damn carpenter-made casting blocks, vibration bench and my molds.

So the project got canned...my artist guy left to do comics....I did the SEISMIC ACE instead.
So I found a bunch of guys named HALFBAD TOYS who know what they're doing with resin who actually like money, like MY money, like my ideas and my robots and don't think they're fucking rock stars and we resurrected the damn project.

We started with this guy Seismic Centurion K16 since the toy proto has been on my shelf for two years and he is supposed to be Seismic Aces' WWII Allied nemesis.

They'll do me a clear set with glitter and they can do the solids...then we'll do some weapon arms maybe based of our old designs. We've discussed more arty-crazy arms like ghost-arms, dog-arms, mutant bee arms etc as well as the regular mace arms and drill arms.

We have some awesome heads lined up....we want to do Beartank with a Beartank body, Seismic King, Trojan Hoss...a ROM tribute head...and we have a VERY special body lined up that will blow some minds!

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