My Art Is Good- Surprise.


Waaaaay back when Seismic Ace first came out I was given a HUGE opportunity to get some pictures published and had they BEEN published maybe things would be different and more people would know about my toy internationally.

They weren't.

They've sat in my hardrive for seven months while I waited with baited breath, praying and hoping they might get published because we BUSTED OUR BUTTS getting them done on time. Ah, it's my own fault for believing in people...and fairies...and people.
So here they are.

These are pics we did with FANTASTIC UK artist Kim Roberts from with Kris Smiths' original RUNNING ACE added because it's so good. You should check out Kim's work. She has a unique style and she did all this for us off her own back.

The Unbeatable Beartank X16

Running Ace - GO

Spot the Mistakes - Just for fun. It's stoopy. I know. Don't hate me. was made to destroy your brain.

Gojirra VS Ace - It'll grow on you...because it's cccccrrraaazzzyyyy.

Sumo - based off a famous painting.

1000 Years - There's a toy proto of this head. It's as big as your hand.

What do you think? Bet you didn't know I could "art".
If you want these to color-in I have them A4 print size full bleed free to print just hit me up on facebook.

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