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I like working with guys over at the forum and including them in Smash Tokyos 2011 developments. Right now, in particular I am working with Ralph Niese, Monsterforge and ScumMonkey on some promotional and "other" projects. Monsterforge is helping me with some stuff for the Super Sucklord that I got stuck on towards the end of the project so that is exciting for both of us since you have to be an ASSHOLE not to like the Sucklord. Above is some sketches by RALPH (Ralph Niese) of the new Seismic Cindy and the sculpts of the head we're doing. The crappy one I did as a joke a few months ago didn't go down well..even as a joke.

We want stickers. Obviously the Seismic Ace has fizzled as a toy. "Resin Sucks" is pretty much instilled in the hearts of most toy collectors and perpetuated everywhere by the big names and big companies. However...I still love the ACE and he is still our company mascot and as a big name designer pointed out to me:

"You know what? Everybody recognises your toy so even though it's not a big seller it's still probably the most recognised robot design in the designer toy world from 2010. " (aside from 3A of course). While this is obviously not true it made me feel good.

This image of Ace drilling through Godzilla is a rough sketch of what RALPH has created to stick on one of Sticky Ricks 2cmX2cm 1000 run stickers.

I can't wait to see the finished run.
We give this shit away free! So keep your eyes peeled.
Originally Ace had a backstory that he had five young teenage pilots and on their first mission a "Necra Missile" hit the Ace and because Giant Super Robots NEVER have seatbelts they all got slammed into the back wall of the cockpits and ever since Ace has always had these dead pilots inside him just rotting away. He then became self aware and has been fighting alone ever since.

Had the Ace been a bigger success these dead pilots were the next toy to be released (picture power rangers style pilots or late 70s manga pilots with skulls in their helmets.)

This was a SOLID GOLD idea too. We WERE going to do resin ones but that never happened.
Now Ace has one pilot. She's not sexy, nor does she have big boobs. She is not a walking, talking comic cliche. This sketch is part of a skate deck we're working on. You'll see this below, this is actually a "further development" to the one below. Once this is cleaned up the star on his chest will be red and I think we may give her a spray can as though she's just sprayed the star on and then we'll just stick it on a deck. Eventually we'll do these decks in bulk so they can be sold cheaper.

Also by RALPH.
So when we started Seismic Ace was one of five toys I wanted to do in vinyl. To do the Ace in vinyl at 10" would have cost US$17 000 or 17k (remember that as it will pop up a lot in SMASH TOKYO's future.) Obviously we didn't have that and did it in resin. (BIG mistake...HOOOGE!)

Now there is a small chance these toys may live again next year if I can convince some slackers that THIS is where it's at. You like M.U.S.C.L.Es? Would you buy SEISMIC ACE, THE CENTURION, CHAINSAW SIMIAN, TROJAN HOSS and SEISMIC KING as M.U.S.C.L.E sized mini figures?

What if they looked like these sketches by RALPH?
I like skate decks. I made this. You can get it here.
It's basically wall art for deck collectors. There's a lot more going on behind the scenes but until this comes out (see below) I can't really show off any of the stuff Scumonkey has for us.

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