Seismic Centurion SOLD OUT like a crazy mofo.

So...seems these things are kind of cool. I thought the clear glitter would be reeeaaalllll whacky myself but they do have that whole Star Trek transporter effect going on. Obviously, because they are mine, I love them.

The colors released were COSMIC ICE, RADIANT RED, GALACTIC GREEN and HAVEN BLUE at 5" scale. The boys at HALFBAD TOYS did an amazing job.

They'll get to work ASAP on the solid colors so keep an eye out on for that release. We are also working on our next BFR robot THE BEARTANK based on the upright version we have had up on the net before. As well as some new weapon arms and an incridble new generic body set with SEISMIC ACES head!!!

I'd better get my own set hm?


Oh my god...did you NOT know? I DID put up a picture of a bear AND a tank!!!!


So two years back we started a project that never went anywhere..The BIG F*KN ROBOTS project. Essentially it was to create a series of interchangeable robot bodies where the heads, arms and mybe backpacks/rocketpacks could be swapped around. The aim was that they would look like mini 70s Shogun Warriors and have all the goofy attachments that came with those.

Obviously, I thought I was on to something....I had an entire workshop set up...I had the prototypes ready for the basic body with a basic drill head and a "Centurion" head done and had a stupid name and back-story ready then KRACK-A-BOOOM...ten billion tonnes of water shit down though my roof and destroyed all my resin, my god-damn carpenter-made casting blocks, vibration bench and my molds.

So the project got artist guy left to do comics....I did the SEISMIC ACE instead.
So I found a bunch of guys named HALFBAD TOYS who know what they're doing with resin who actually like money, like MY money, like my ideas and my robots and don't think they're fucking rock stars and we resurrected the damn project.

We started with this guy Seismic Centurion K16 since the toy proto has been on my shelf for two years and he is supposed to be Seismic Aces' WWII Allied nemesis.

They'll do me a clear set with glitter and they can do the solids...then we'll do some weapon arms maybe based of our old designs. We've discussed more arty-crazy arms like ghost-arms, dog-arms, mutant bee arms etc as well as the regular mace arms and drill arms.

We have some awesome heads lined up....we want to do Beartank with a Beartank body, Seismic King, Trojan Hoss...a ROM tribute head...and we have a VERY special body lined up that will blow some minds!

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