Seismic Centurion SOLD OUT like a crazy mofo.

So...seems these things are kind of cool. I thought the clear glitter would be reeeaaalllll whacky myself but they do have that whole Star Trek transporter effect going on. Obviously, because they are mine, I love them.

The colors released were COSMIC ICE, RADIANT RED, GALACTIC GREEN and HAVEN BLUE at 5" scale. The boys at HALFBAD TOYS did an amazing job.

They'll get to work ASAP on the solid colors so keep an eye out on for that release. We are also working on our next BFR robot THE BEARTANK based on the upright version we have had up on the net before. As well as some new weapon arms and an incridble new generic body set with SEISMIC ACES head!!!

I'd better get my own set hm?

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