Have you seen this awesome resin shit! I made the head on that thing dude! It's tiny.
Anyway these are put out by Jon Malmstead at Rampage Toys and are cool as all get out.
I totally stole this image from the most awesome University of M.U.S.C.L.E and a full write up can be found here on their fine page.
Later on ten more rubbery versions were made by Halfbad Toys and THEN sold through Rampage Toys. I bet those ones were cooler than The Fonz. They had different barrel bodies. Jon Malmstead sells those so hit him up for those here
Don't forget to order his new Ugly Unicorn kaiju before it sells out either!

New idea for next year

So, originally called "Stupid Ninja" and sporting a dead ninja on his back I really was interested in doing this in Japan next year in unpainted vinyl as a mini.

I've been carrying around a yellow unpainted S7 Mini Mummy Gator for awhile looking at the size and feel of the vinyl. This toy would be bigger in WxB obviously and would have similar skin as a Anraku GOGA so I like to think it'd make a kick-arse original toy.

The name is not permanent and was put there at the last minute, right now it's not quite a dragon or a lizard so research is needed for a more traditional Kaiju name that doesn't encroach on any other companies.

If it doesn't pan out we also have an offer from a company to do our upright beartank as a "real monsters" series type of sofubi but I would want to rework the sculpt so as not to disappoint fans of the genre.
There's also been some talk with Velocitron about doing the Centurion as a larger, resculpted GoNagai/Bullmark-ish looking toy. Maybe redo SEISMIC ACE the way he should have been done originally.

20/10/20011* Since this post and continued talks with Velocitron We've pretty much decided to do the Centurion and a female pilot tentatively titled "Jumbo V Pilot". Currently looking for an artist to do the turnarounds for the pilot. This turnaround for sale if anyone want it.

More Beartank stuff

We must've done four colorways before settling on the grey. The grey is actually based on the "War Machine" Iron Man mainly because none of our robot designs except for Ms Shinda have had a color scheme so far, they're all just "silver". Grey/silver is the only thing that seems to fit for my robot ideas. Even my final Ms Shinda concept is B/W.

While I like this I can never use it because I messed up the levels on the writing and without Illustrator can't fix it.

The only time you'll see the Beartank with the first five released Qees in print media outside of SDCC. It was not officially one of this starting line up nor am I one of TOY2Rs "artist series'" artists.

Here is what the concept was and what the finished product is. Don't let anyone say TOY2R can't get it right. It is flawless, I would say the finished product is better than the original design. We had to change one tiny thing which was remove some writing on the back of the jetpack which was too small to be printed.

We also do

Buy these here. They are fucking AWESOME for hanging on the wall and skating on the street.


So here is the artwork for the Beartank. We really struggled for a long time with the color, obviously its very yellow but thats what we decided on and it actually turned out really amazing.

Distributed through DKE toys starting Monday.
It is pretty cool.

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