More Beartank stuff

We must've done four colorways before settling on the grey. The grey is actually based on the "War Machine" Iron Man mainly because none of our robot designs except for Ms Shinda have had a color scheme so far, they're all just "silver". Grey/silver is the only thing that seems to fit for my robot ideas. Even my final Ms Shinda concept is B/W.

While I like this I can never use it because I messed up the levels on the writing and without Illustrator can't fix it.

The only time you'll see the Beartank with the first five released Qees in print media outside of SDCC. It was not officially one of this starting line up nor am I one of TOY2Rs "artist series'" artists.

Here is what the concept was and what the finished product is. Don't let anyone say TOY2R can't get it right. It is flawless, I would say the finished product is better than the original design. We had to change one tiny thing which was remove some writing on the back of the jetpack which was too small to be printed.

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