New idea for next year

So, originally called "Stupid Ninja" and sporting a dead ninja on his back I really was interested in doing this in Japan next year in unpainted vinyl as a mini.

I've been carrying around a yellow unpainted S7 Mini Mummy Gator for awhile looking at the size and feel of the vinyl. This toy would be bigger in WxB obviously and would have similar skin as a Anraku GOGA so I like to think it'd make a kick-arse original toy.

The name is not permanent and was put there at the last minute, right now it's not quite a dragon or a lizard so research is needed for a more traditional Kaiju name that doesn't encroach on any other companies.

If it doesn't pan out we also have an offer from a company to do our upright beartank as a "real monsters" series type of sofubi but I would want to rework the sculpt so as not to disappoint fans of the genre.
There's also been some talk with Velocitron about doing the Centurion as a larger, resculpted GoNagai/Bullmark-ish looking toy. Maybe redo SEISMIC ACE the way he should have been done originally.

20/10/20011* Since this post and continued talks with Velocitron We've pretty much decided to do the Centurion and a female pilot tentatively titled "Jumbo V Pilot". Currently looking for an artist to do the turnarounds for the pilot. This turnaround for sale if anyone want it.

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