Beartank review

So...just in case you missed it, here is John Stokes reviewing the Beartank.
The Seismic Ace reference he refers to is the large drill that runs down the far left panel of the box.

Also, things that are referenced on the box include the "Angel Wings Jet Propulsion" which was actually written on the original toy but was too small to be printed so we had to leave it off but that was after the box art was approved.
The Japanese writing says Kuma Tank (I think) although it could have said "Die Yak Face!" and I would have laughed since I had no idea what it said when we submitted it and I literally asked a Japanese speaking friend today what it says and she said "What would you have done if it DIDN'T say that?"

Some art to fill in time

Made these HUGE prints off the art for some skateboards. The guy reckons the Skyline one will be " big as a minibus man."
I said "In one piece, I seriously doubt that dude!" So we'll see. If it is as big as a van then I'm screwed since it's just me and my wife running the show here and hanging that thing in the lounge room will be **INTERESTING** to say the least.

 I love this because it looks animated and yet it's just the Centurion template on a 2-min line drawing....yet you could just see Sybionic Titan, Mazinger or Godzilla come running up and smash him (If wishes were horses.)

This is the 2nd version. Centurion isn't actually red either, he has no existing color scheme.
The NY one was just something stupid and easy...giant robot towering over the Statue of Liberty in Silhouette...another template in front of a line drawing. Quick and easy and looks bloody cool mounted on a skateboard so we'll see how it looks in A1. This one was used to promote my art cards in the new Series 3 Suckpax but there is another, white background, normal one without the Sucklord text.

The actual skatedeck was NOT successful as the Statue was all pixelated. That has been fixed now and is a good reminder to me that I need more work as a digital artist.

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