Suckpax Series 3- Featuring Mattyboombatty

So apparently it's really difficult to get into card series (if you hav 0 talent) and good luck being one of the cool kids if you're not in one.
So, I straight up asked Sucklord if he'd give me a shot because no other bludger would and he said yes, so good news for me!
Like he said "The Sucklord does not trifle."
Go buy this, give Sucklord your money.

Funny enough I came through with heaps of time to spare with only one or two small hitches.
30 cards later here we are. My 2 y.o. spilt some water on three of them literally the day I was mailing them including my favourite FREE BEER card so that was BAD MOJO!

These are actually the 'good' ones. I love the space Greedos and the Wanker Trooper
 I drew some of these on buses, trains, at work, at parties, with textas, crayons, paint pens, charcoal, cigarette butts, of art they are not, they are, however, the first chance anyone's given me in 15 years to actually put pen to paper and "art". A lot of them are TERRIBLE but I think that was the point.
* Also if you get one of my **good** art cards I'll buy it off you for ten dollars.

Anyhow, I forgot to even take a pic of what I did aside from this mess which probably won't even make much sense but the eyeball ones move around like a child's pop-up book when you pull some slides on the back and I can't even BEGIN to describe what you do with the booby cards:

The nudey card has pop-out nipples and the eyeballs move on the 'eye' ones. Also, the two-part SPOOKY BOOTY card doesn't have a top part...oops.

I saw this on which was cool because the usual suspects did amazing bloody cards but at least mine weren't the worst and I can sleep at night knowing that I deliberately didn't try because I thought I wasn't supposed to! Ha! Had I have known I would have spent considerably more time with water paints and not some textas and nikkos. 
and even more on Sucklord over on John Stokes fucking AWESOME blog here which may not have anything to do with the cards but fuck it. Watch it anyway, what else are you doing?

Also, if you watch this you can see my F*ING AWESOME Seismic Ace toy a few times in Sucklord's apartment. Sucklord has done well by me...get ready for Aussie rum at Xmas Sucklord!

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