You have NO IDEA how much I love this.
I have been trying to get the Centurion 'out there' in print media, 3d name it since my baby died five years ago. The idea for him came about around this terrible time so he's like my family's pet project. We recently lost two golden opportunites to have the Centurion made due to other people's interference so finally seeing the Centurion released into the public looking as good as this is a bit of a dream come true.

This rather sterling digital painting was done by brilliant artist Robert Kim who's outstanding robot art can be found here

Seriously, spread this around. Send it to everyone you know GET MY  ROBOT NOTICED.

Australia ALSO has giant comic conventions

So in America it is fairly well known that conventions like SDCC, New York ComicCon and DragonCon are established as pretty much (some of) the BIGGEST cons in the world (outside of Asia) for cosplay nuts to descend upon.

Let me introduce you to SUPANOVA pop culture festival which is held all over Australia and can pull 30 000 people through it's door in the first hour in it's smallest city. It is held in Brisbane (huge), Melbourne, (Huge), Sydney (MEGA) and Perth (well, it's Perth.)
It's FU**ING NUTS for geeks, freaks, gronks and nerds and if you're into anime, toys, cartoons and tv celebs then this is the place to go.

Hot-cha! Make sure you take a professional camera-guy who is tripping balls like I did.

When it comes to anime/superhero/tv fans in costume...well....if you weren't in costume, you were the minority. I would say 8-in-10 were in costume and most people went to a lot of effort.....although I prefer the screwballs who don't and the people who just don't give a fu** myself. People in $3000 iron man costumes aren't as impressive as guys in a cardboard box with a bucket on their head with "Irun Mun" written in crayon on the chest. (My opinion only)

Metal Iron-Man while good for pulling chicks wasn't as cool as Bucket-on-his-head-Iron-Man (who'd had a few buckets methinks.)

My camera-guy took HUNDREDS OF PHOTOS and we had to put some in the bin because he took some booby shots and some shots of the sky...and the lens cap and what he thought were "giant devil ants" but was really his shoes. So I took what was left and put them into a slide show to show off what Australian cosplay looks like....keep in mind it's shit hot here so some of these people need medals.

Chinese Batman, bald, skinny Superman and big Ms Marvel were favourites for me.

I love this guy!

My cameraman loves these girls.

BEST-COSTUME-EVER Great Sage Equal of Heaven!

We likey. here in Oz. Also, how does April look so plastic? It was amazing. Also, people immediately assume people in these costumes are blokes.

This guy endured abuse by bubbleheaded teeneage girls for an hour in line for nothing and then got called a loser by some other imbecelic 20+ not in costume and left the line after losing his shit before he killed that kid and PUNCHED HIS FACE! Seriously, who goes to a con where EVERYONE is in costume and heckles everyone around them? BIG UPS TO THIS GUY!

Poor, angry, face punching bastard. Packa packa packa packa.


Spankystokes Free Shit from Smash Tokyo

So every Designercon we give away free stuff through Spankystokes because John is our biggest U.S. supporter and is always doing stuff for us and has for nearly two years now.
So we had a number of decks made up and our usual line-up of Seismic Ace and Centurion decks to give out.

Looks like they went down a treat. I wasn't sure about the red Centurion deck since I just throw shit together and send it off to the printers but I'd be happy if I was this guy since it turned out pretty good and it's not just hand drawn shit but UV-laser printed/etched, high-quality maple.

Wish I was there dang it, Spanky has THE BEST giveaways each year. Those boards are hot.

"I'm going to hang this shit on my wall!"

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