Spankystokes Free Shit from Smash Tokyo

So every Designercon we give away free stuff through Spankystokes because John is our biggest U.S. supporter and is always doing stuff for us and has for nearly two years now.
So we had a number of decks made up and our usual line-up of Seismic Ace and Centurion decks to give out.

Looks like they went down a treat. I wasn't sure about the red Centurion deck since I just throw shit together and send it off to the printers but I'd be happy if I was this guy since it turned out pretty good and it's not just hand drawn shit but UV-laser printed/etched, high-quality maple.

Wish I was there dang it, Spanky has THE BEST giveaways each year. Those boards are hot.

"I'm going to hang this shit on my wall!"

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