Factory Shots

It occured to me these shots aren't up anywhere on this blog...so here they are, the SEISMIC ACE factory shots.

So, this is how the Ace looks as a finished product and in the end, thanks to the Aussie govt giving me 7k for nothing it was free to make so the troubles below aren't really that much of a concern. I've learned what NOT to do and it's all been very valuable.

So, this is the picture they sent me to approve the color for the Ace....strangely enough, after I said "Yes" they went ahead and painted it fucking gold-silver and not copper/bronze like it clearly is here.

One of my favorite pictures

Check out the toy in the foreground...if Ace is nearly ten inch, it must be HUGE. Also, I paid for Ace to be rotocasted, you can see in this photo it clearly wasn't even if you hadn't held one in your hand before.

Getting ready for magnets to be inserted....just chucked on a bench.

I love these bright silver ones in these pics.

Aces final color is "Weird golden shit" which is not the color we sent them from the swatch.

The wax sculpt

Notice he doesn't have any eye holes....the finished product also doesn't have a spherical head which REALLY sucks. In the turnaround he has a perfectly round neck which is something the finished product doesn't have and something we couldn't pick up in photos before production was given the go-ahead. Oh well, I know now he should've been done in Japanese vinyl as a sofubi style toy.

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