Seismic Ace mini - 2013 (maybe)

Here's the Seismic Ace mini toy coming out in 2013 in Japanese sofubi. This was sculpted by the masters sculptors at Siccaluna Koubo.
It will have longer legs and stands about 4"

This is the stand we hope to release with it/alongside it made out of resin.
We're also working on these action figure stands for the toys when they come out.


Japan is a couple of months Smash Tokyo Toys will be rebuilt from the ground up with one of the best sculptors in the Japanese sofubi name and MORE ROBOTS! Waaaaaayyyyyy, way more robots.
Since Xmas, myself and TurboPistola have been working hard to prepare a HUGE new Japanese sofubi toyline, something unique and never seen before. New robots, old robots, new bodies, eight heads, two legs and multiple weapon arms...hundreds of combinations.
Two words: Siccaluna....Velocitron.
We can't call our Japanese business by the same name since it was cause problems in Japan since the Japanese toy community would simply believe were were called SMASH from Tokyo.

Our new blog can be found here: . For Smash Tokyo fans......get ready.

Don't say I didn't tell you so.

SEISMIC ACE - Finally For Sale

For sale...everywhere.....FINALLY.

Remember back in 2010 when Seismic Ace was released but then you couldn't actually get it anywhere?
Remember how that totally sucked and about 150 people all wrote to me and complained about it?
DKE have gone after them and pulled them from the dank, dark hole they've been stored since 2010 and will be offering them to retailers for an incredibly low look out for them since it'll be your chance to get one BEFORE the new mini vinyls are released later in the year...and I'm cutting my own throat to practically give these away to get them to your collections
It's big and heavy and has magnets in it.
Go get it, it will actually be in stores this time.

New Toyline Sneak Peak

Everything has been sent off to we are just in the nail-biting wait to see what the sculptors say.
We have the money ready to go towards sculpting, iron molds, headers/bags etc but now we need to wait to see - IS IT ENOUGH? Will they be able to make our rather intricate designs on minis?
It's exciting!

Here is a look at some of the toys we are doing..a blurry look:

That is *5* unseen heads, out of a possible 8. Fans will go apeshit.


So the artist I'm working with on our new Japanese vinyl line, TurboPistola, also has a submission in OMFG series 2 that I dig:
Remember, the guys on the forum are not professional sculptors for the most part, the effort and work they put in to get to the final product is pretty swish. I hope Turbo gets a shot at series 2 because this rocks hard. It's freaky and weird just like the stuff in series 1.
He's got some stiff competition!
See, this is the BANG. Plus it's based on the OMFG logo that Turbo designed so it's all win.

More sketches

So we're still working hard on getting our sketches together. These are not our finished designs because we're still figuring out what works and what doesn't because there's quite a few different ideas going in and a lot of different robots that need to be done. So these are not the "be all-end all" finished designs. Turbo comes up with some cracker ideas constantly and I'm always giving him input to add to each one which means there are constant changes happening.

Head only, body is just to test compatibility. 

This is a revised head of something we were working on last year with some yoyo who flaked out halfway through the job. Trojan Hoss has always been a pain in our arse...turns out it's bleedin' hard to do robot horse heads because if you google "robot horse" you'll notice they're all shit. So we used a chess piece as a frame of reference. Once again, a very simple design because that's what we like. These are aimed at people who love 70s styled super robots and collectors of Japanese vinyl minis....we collect them, we know our audience and what they like, we hope this is it.

The Shit

So, my art guy Daniel TURBOPISTOLA Smith sent this today.....spun me out!
Probably the best design in our new line up and the secret head that is hidden was the goods.
I like simple design and a rocket fist in the chest and the face ripped off of one of my own robots is seriously cool!

Rocket fist in the chest...a different robot's head on his arm....GOLD!
This could also be a winner.

This Super Dogfighter head is beyond awesome. This is actually the back of his head with a face on the other side which is a pretty common/standard fare for 70s super robots and thats what we dig....The body may stay or go...we haven't decided yet. It is the updated version of the gears body posted earlier. Who doesn't like the ole gear chest robots?

I love the markets

So....five years ago I sold all my BIG robots to a friend of mine for a STUPID price and it hurt a lot. We were desperate...we were moving from a small town back to the big city, we'd just lost a baby...things were bad.
Here's how much it hurt:
Boxed Shogun Gaiking mint
UniFive Garada Green
Unifive Grand Mazinga
All USA Shoguns
All Jumbo Zords (ALL including rare 2ft wingspan one)
All USA and Japanese released Zords complete inc Japanese base zord and battleship zord.
Bunch of booty Jumbos
FOR $500 BUCKS!!!!!
It hurt bad because today those toys combined are worth about $4500+.

BEST stupor robot ever! I paid $130 to get one of these shipped to Australia years ago and it was banged up. This one is beautiful...he even has his rubber parts. Since he wasn't released in OZ, pretty good score.
There's that feeling you have when you're a toy collector sometimes....
When you have to get rid of a toy you REEEEEAAALLLLY don't want to lose because you love it and years later you find
Recently I rebought a Uni-five Garada for $40 boxed off ebay because the store had put it up on ebay as "BIG ROBOT" and just recently I found another of this beauty at the markets....
The biggest...most awesome....building robot ever made:
So big he has "Not to be used as a foot stool" on his feet. Remember that scene from BIG where he says "'s just a transforms into a building..." That's just like this! It transforms into a pyramid...with arms! WTF!!!!
The lady gave him to me for $35 and it still has an undamaged rubber chest piece and as a super bonus when I got home and opened him up (because he was heavy) he had one of these guys jammed in him.

Worst robot ever!
I LOVE THE MARKETS! Difficult with all the competition at the markets these days but some days there's that one jackpot. I'll never be able to make a giant robot toy (that's the dream) but if I ever did it would be a giant crazy robot like this....and also, in the dream, some other company fronts the money.

How we do it

So in the past we would 3d render the toy or have it done as a turnaround on Illustrator. Crazy arty stuff. This time we wanted to do everything super old school from start to finish all hand-drawn. The artist takes my designs, sends me his pencil versions over the web, I photocopy those which I go over in pen (because they're so faint after going through the printer), change up anything that needs to be changed, write notes all over it....send it back....we talk some more....then the sculptors in Japan will tell me if it's possible. I hope's a year coming with more setbacks than you can shake a cat at.

No art benches, t-squares, graphic pens or high tech programs that digitalise or straighten up our lines or turn pencil lines into ink here!
Just a guy in a huge chair in his undies with a laptop and a nikko working with guys on the other side of the world. Hard work.

Some New Toy Sketches

So, when I did the Seismic Ace I didn't really know what I was doing. I used the wrong company to make it, terrible distributor, the worst plastic type...everything.
What I wanted to do but didn't know enough at the time was to do a toyline of robots with interchangeable heads and bodies.
Now I can do that...I've learned my lessons, now I can make the toys I wanted to make 3 years ago, the style I wanted to make them, the colors I want and the size I want. I just had to go somewhere closer.
This has "BOOM" in kanji on the backpack in the finished version
Here are some of the very early sketches we are working on.
Best of all, my mascot robots, Seismic Ace, now SEISMIC KING and Centurion K16 have the same body so I can have two awesome robots made in one and with 8 heads being made...weeeellll, that's 8 different robots all on the OG body...I'll let you work out what that means for the Smash Tokyo roster of toys....especially since there are 4 bodies being made.

The Atomic Beartank Qee is not making me as much money as I thought it would. Our fans are perplexed and have ALWAYS clamored for the upright version we copyrighted back in here it is with Gauss arms.

He has "Turbo" in kanji on his back in the updated version.

This body is still a work in progress...I asked our amazing artist to give him a "Creature" arm...I meant a "Creature From The Black Lagoon" arm and mechanical. Obviouly my fault and sometimes happens when working over the internet and assuming that everyone knows what you are talking about! He will have two mace arms, shorter and with bigger maces. His gear chest here is sunken but it will be external on the finished one, more basic. There are pics of some of the heads in the next post where I am inking some of the pics. These will be made at 4" scale with two parts.

One of my favourite sets of toys are the M1 lucky bag flesh minis and particularly the U-Tom (seen below)
This is about the size, scale and type af mini we are doing, it is "pulled down" so the arms need to go downwards and the plug is in the head. Were we to have our robots with fists up the plug would be in the waist.

I am an unpainted vinyl man so expect the first few pulls to be unpainted vinyl in super vibrant colors.

New Toys 2013- It's ALL Happening.

Well. ...I thought we were doing one robot toy in Japan next year.
Turns out we are doing a LOT more.

It's harder than I thought just getting started. Especially when you have the cash, you have the ideas and the designs but not the turnarounds to give the FUCK!!!!!
Worse, our sculptors have been very patient with us but there have been SUPER EXTENUATING circumstances at this end that have set us right back which are a bummer...we want to start but we can't...we don't want to piss our Japanese guys off but fear we are.
Ah well, its rolling now.... should be all worth it in the end. This'll be the first time I'm not going  it alone...I've taken on a partner who is helping with the character designs which is something new.
We'll see how we go.
More in a month....when we have some designs ready and in at the sculptors!
Since I don't have any pics for this cool are these!?

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