New Toys 2013- It's ALL Happening.

Well. ...I thought we were doing one robot toy in Japan next year.
Turns out we are doing a LOT more.

It's harder than I thought just getting started. Especially when you have the cash, you have the ideas and the designs but not the turnarounds to give the FUCK!!!!!
Worse, our sculptors have been very patient with us but there have been SUPER EXTENUATING circumstances at this end that have set us right back which are a bummer...we want to start but we can't...we don't want to piss our Japanese guys off but fear we are.
Ah well, its rolling now.... should be all worth it in the end. This'll be the first time I'm not going  it alone...I've taken on a partner who is helping with the character designs which is something new.
We'll see how we go.
More in a month....when we have some designs ready and in at the sculptors!
Since I don't have any pics for this cool are these!?

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