How we do it

So in the past we would 3d render the toy or have it done as a turnaround on Illustrator. Crazy arty stuff. This time we wanted to do everything super old school from start to finish all hand-drawn. The artist takes my designs, sends me his pencil versions over the web, I photocopy those which I go over in pen (because they're so faint after going through the printer), change up anything that needs to be changed, write notes all over it....send it back....we talk some more....then the sculptors in Japan will tell me if it's possible. I hope's a year coming with more setbacks than you can shake a cat at.

No art benches, t-squares, graphic pens or high tech programs that digitalise or straighten up our lines or turn pencil lines into ink here!
Just a guy in a huge chair in his undies with a laptop and a nikko working with guys on the other side of the world. Hard work.

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