I love the markets

So....five years ago I sold all my BIG robots to a friend of mine for a STUPID price and it hurt a lot. We were desperate...we were moving from a small town back to the big city, we'd just lost a baby...things were bad.
Here's how much it hurt:
Boxed Shogun Gaiking mint
UniFive Garada Green
Unifive Grand Mazinga
All USA Shoguns
All Jumbo Zords (ALL including rare 2ft wingspan one)
All USA and Japanese released Zords complete inc Japanese base zord and battleship zord.
Bunch of booty Jumbos
FOR $500 BUCKS!!!!!
It hurt bad because today those toys combined are worth about $4500+.

BEST stupor robot ever! I paid $130 to get one of these shipped to Australia years ago and it was banged up. This one is beautiful...he even has his rubber parts. Since he wasn't released in OZ, pretty good score.
There's that feeling you have when you're a toy collector sometimes....
When you have to get rid of a toy you REEEEEAAALLLLY don't want to lose because you love it and years later you find another...cheap.
Recently I rebought a Uni-five Garada for $40 boxed off ebay because the store had put it up on ebay as "BIG ROBOT" and just recently I found another of this beauty at the markets....
The biggest...most awesome....building robot ever made:
So big he has "Not to be used as a foot stool" on his feet. Remember that scene from BIG where he says "Well...it's just a robot...it transforms into a building..." That's just like this! It transforms into a pyramid...with arms! WTF!!!!
The lady gave him to me for $35 and it still has an undamaged rubber chest piece and as a super bonus when I got home and opened him up (because he was heavy) he had one of these guys jammed in him.

Worst robot ever!
I LOVE THE MARKETS! Difficult with all the competition at the markets these days but some days there's that one jackpot. I'll never be able to make a giant robot toy (that's the dream) but if I ever did it would be a giant crazy robot like this....and also, in the dream, some other company fronts the money.

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