More sketches

So we're still working hard on getting our sketches together. These are not our finished designs because we're still figuring out what works and what doesn't because there's quite a few different ideas going in and a lot of different robots that need to be done. So these are not the "be all-end all" finished designs. Turbo comes up with some cracker ideas constantly and I'm always giving him input to add to each one which means there are constant changes happening.

Head only, body is just to test compatibility. 

This is a revised head of something we were working on last year with some yoyo who flaked out halfway through the job. Trojan Hoss has always been a pain in our arse...turns out it's bleedin' hard to do robot horse heads because if you google "robot horse" you'll notice they're all shit. So we used a chess piece as a frame of reference. Once again, a very simple design because that's what we like. These are aimed at people who love 70s styled super robots and collectors of Japanese vinyl minis....we collect them, we know our audience and what they like, we hope this is it.

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