Some New Toy Sketches

So, when I did the Seismic Ace I didn't really know what I was doing. I used the wrong company to make it, terrible distributor, the worst plastic type...everything.
What I wanted to do but didn't know enough at the time was to do a toyline of robots with interchangeable heads and bodies.
Now I can do that...I've learned my lessons, now I can make the toys I wanted to make 3 years ago, the style I wanted to make them, the colors I want and the size I want. I just had to go somewhere closer.
This has "BOOM" in kanji on the backpack in the finished version
Here are some of the very early sketches we are working on.
Best of all, my mascot robots, Seismic Ace, now SEISMIC KING and Centurion K16 have the same body so I can have two awesome robots made in one and with 8 heads being made...weeeellll, that's 8 different robots all on the OG body...I'll let you work out what that means for the Smash Tokyo roster of toys....especially since there are 4 bodies being made.

The Atomic Beartank Qee is not making me as much money as I thought it would. Our fans are perplexed and have ALWAYS clamored for the upright version we copyrighted back in here it is with Gauss arms.

He has "Turbo" in kanji on his back in the updated version.

This body is still a work in progress...I asked our amazing artist to give him a "Creature" arm...I meant a "Creature From The Black Lagoon" arm and mechanical. Obviouly my fault and sometimes happens when working over the internet and assuming that everyone knows what you are talking about! He will have two mace arms, shorter and with bigger maces. His gear chest here is sunken but it will be external on the finished one, more basic. There are pics of some of the heads in the next post where I am inking some of the pics. These will be made at 4" scale with two parts.

One of my favourite sets of toys are the M1 lucky bag flesh minis and particularly the U-Tom (seen below)
This is about the size, scale and type af mini we are doing, it is "pulled down" so the arms need to go downwards and the plug is in the head. Were we to have our robots with fists up the plug would be in the waist.

I am an unpainted vinyl man so expect the first few pulls to be unpainted vinyl in super vibrant colors.

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